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Development Roatan Honduras: The stage is set on an island as a vast 17.15-acre development parcel emerges, presenting a canvas of possibilities for those with the vision to transform dreams into reality. With breathtaking views stretching across both the northern and southern sides of the island, the landscape is an open invitation for creative minds.

Nature’s Elegance: Gentle Slopes, Meadows, and Palm Trees

The terrain unveils its natural elegance with gentle slopes, adorned by lush grassy meadows and mature palm trees. This idyllic setting becomes the backdrop for a spectrum of development ventures, offering a harmonious blend of nature’s beauty and developmental potential.

Water Wisdom: A Deep Water Well Enhances Potential

Standing as a testament to foresight, the property features a dependable deep water well, elevating its development potential. This valuable asset not only contributes to sustainability but also opens avenues for diverse projects that harness this resource.

Seamless Access: Gateway on the Main Highway

Strategic accessibility becomes a hallmark for Development Roatan Honduras, with an entrance conveniently located on the main highway. This feature ensures ease of access for developers and future occupants, laying the groundwork for a seamless integration with the island’s infrastructure.

Blueprints for Success: Survey and Development Plans Unveiled

Freshly surveyed and meticulously documented, the property comes complete with potential development plans. These blueprints serve as a roadmap for those eager to explore the myriad possibilities inherent in this parcel, offering a detailed guide for informed decision-making.

Transparent Documentation: Fostering Informed Decision-Making

A commitment to transparency is evident in the readily available survey and development plans. Emphasizing clear documentation aims to empower prospective developers. It fosters informed decision-making and provides a solid foundation for translating vision into reality.

Beyond a Listing: An Extraordinary Opportunity

This revelation goes beyond a mere land listing; it signifies an extraordinary opportunity for innovation and strategic development. The intersection of natural beauty, strategic location, and available resources positions this parcel as a canvas for groundbreaking projects.

Anticipation Grows: A New Chapter in Island Development

As news of this 17.15-acre development parcel spreads, anticipation grows within the community and among potential investors. The charming island is on the brink of a new chapter—one that characterizes it with innovation, sustainability, and the promise of a brighter future.

Invitation to Possibility: A Realm of Nature and Ingenuity

Invitamos a quienes estén listos para aprovechar la oportunidad a entrar en un reino de posibilidades donde convergen la naturaleza y la ingeniosidad humana. The stage is set, and the spotlight shines on those who dare to shape the island’s future. Through visionary development projects, they stand poised to make a lasting impact.

Exterior Features:
  • Faces: South
  • Topo: Gentile Slope
  • View of Sea
  • Waterfront=No
Other Features:
  • Beach Access=No
  • HOA=No


  • País: Honduras
  • Departamento: Islas de la Bahía
  • Ciudad: Roatán
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  • ID de Propiedad 17863
  • Precio $495,000
  • Tipo De Propiedad
  • Estado De La Propiedad
  • Tamaño de Terreno 69,403.588 m2
  • Label
  • Lot Size 17.15 Acres



Javier Zelaya

Property Agent
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