Why is Honduras The Best Place to Buy A Home?

Why is Honduras The Best Place to Buy A Home?

The cost of Living in Honduras is relatively cheaper compared to Costa Rica. Honduras is mostly famous for its abundant clear-water beaches and stunning mountain views. If you have not visited Honduras, it is worth exploring it; we recommend you visit San Pedro Sula, El Progreso, Roatan, La Ceiba, and Cayos Cochinos, where you will find peace and tranquility like no other place.

Real Estate in Honduras

Real Estate values in Honduras are rising as the demand for new construction is booming. Honduras is experiencing rapid growth in tourism, most of them Americans, second Europeans, and Canadians. More than half of first-time visitors return to visit for a second time.

Buying a Home in Honduras

Buying a Home in Honduras is a simple process when you have the right real estate agent working for you. At One West Realty, we know the laws of Honduras and have ample knowledge of the Real Estate Market.

Honduras is a Diverse Country

Honduras is a diverse country with a strong democratic system. It shares its borders with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. The majority of people are mestizos (European-Mayan), White Europeans, and Garifonas (a strong black community), which enriches the country’s culture.

The Mayan Pyramids in Honduras

When visiting Honduras during your first or second trip, do not forget the visit the Mayan Pyramids. It is located in Copan, in the northeast part of the country, near the border of Guatemala. Honduras holds the largest Mayan monuments in Central America, with a total of 4,000 complexes and only 26 open to the public. WSJ Renewal recently reported The Mayan city is a must-see wonder of the world.


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