Canadian Ambassador Sees Roatan Real Estate Opportunities

Canadian Ambassador Sees Roatan Real Estate Opportunities

The Canadian ambassador in Roatan, Elizabeth Williams, and her work team visit Roatán, with the plan to boost tourism and employment opportunities in Canada. Clarifying that they will not only occur in the agricultural issue but also in the hotel sector. Taking advantage of the fact that many islanders are bilingual allows the doors to be opened to young people.

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Likewise, the Minister of Tourism, Yadira Goméz, reported that the interviews for work visas are back. Establishing March 2 and 3 as the meeting date for the islanders to prepare and take advantage of this second opportunity.

In 2022, more than 6,000 Hondurans had the opportunity to work abroad, especially in the agricultural sector. For this year, the goal is to increase job opportunities and expand the sectors offered, negotiating directly with employers.

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Despite the fact that it was reported that there would be a 9.8% increase in the minimum wage for this year in Honduras, and although the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise indicated through a statement that this increase would be applied to all categories of companies, regardless of their size or number of employees, the situation always remains critical in the country. Roatan Real Estate has been booming over the last decade.

“I know that there are some businessmen who are going to leave them without workers, but the point is that the islander with the minimum wage cannot,” Gomez told Diario Roatán.

He also stressed that what is earned as minimum wage does not supply to meet the needs of his home. And with this opportunity, he hopes it will make people think salaries are improved.

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In this way, hotels and other companies can keep their jobs since workers will not have to look for new jobs that generate more income. But for the moment, faced with such a need, Tourism is looking for these opportunities with the Canadian Ambassador to support the population of Roatán and all of the Bay Islands.

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